Be Happy.. : (Daily Prompt: Rumination).


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The combination of rumination and negative mood is toxic.

Message: Try To Find Happiness In Little Things..

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Vivid Colors Of Autumn..: (Daily Prompt: Vivid).

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Once On The Beautiful Foggy Morning..

 Walking In The Warm Sunshine..

Mischievious Wind Breeze Brushing On My Face.. Playing With My Curly Hairs..

Dancing.. Laughing.. At The Autumn Sun..

Feeling The Touch Of Misty Colorful Flowers.. On My Hands..

Red And Golden Autumn Leaves.. Crushing Under My Feet..

Grouping.. Chirping.. Birds Fly High.. Up In The Vivid Sky..

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Desire To Know Yourself: (Daily Prompt: Desire).

Desire is the root cause of every achievement. Desire are of many kinds, Desire of Invention, Desire for Material things, Desire for Self Growth, etc..
Desire to become a Human Being is the Greatest Desire of all. One must desire to posses good character, “most people are other people” their thoughts are other peoples opinion.

Labeling other people don’t make u good human. Instead, look within and know urself and try to become Good Human. One must desire to know themselves who are they from within. What is ur purpose as a human.

Help the ones who need ur help. Be generous and Kind to do what u can do for them. Trust and Respect Each Other. Keep Mankind above the Material things.
One should rise above little things and  Be who u are suppose to be.. A Good Human.
Kindness, Generousity, Helping Nature makes you a Human Being. But in todays world people forget ur kindness and remember one mistake u made to them.

Message To All: Rise Above Little Things. Strive To Become A Good Human.

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Faith verses Doubt: Daily Prompt: Doubt



Once doubt and faith bumped into each other, Faith was calm but doubt showed attitude both were having conversation regarding their followers,
Doubt (with cunning a smile) : I have more followers than u I conquer then why are u here.
Faith: just smiled.
Doubt: I see obstacle bt still I conquer.
Faith: just smiled.
doubt: I see darkest side bt still I conquer.
Faith: Once again just smiled
doubt: u are just smiling don’t u hv any answer tell me who believes u
Faith : ‘I’
When I enter ones mind u take exit and I Conquer. I am Everywhere, where there is hope I’m there, when one has to find answer I’m there.
Only difference is u exist in negative side and I exist in positive side.
In this way Faith Conquers Doubt.

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…Nothing Is More Soothing Than the Sound Of Raindrops..💦 : (Daily Prompt: Sound)


Listen To The Sound Of Rain..
I Love Listening To The Sound Of Raindrops.. I LOVE Rains.. During Monsoon.. Each And Everything Becomes Beautiful.. Nature Becomes Romantic.. Romantic Weather.. Romantic Atmosphere.. Romantic Partner.. Romantic Surroundings..
I Love the sound of rains falling on My Windowpane.. that melodious sound that each raindrops make.. when they hit My Windowpane..
A Warm Cup Of Coffee.. That Laziness To Get Out Of the Bed.. A Romantic Movie.. One blanket shared by two.. Caressing.. And Cuddling.. inside.. mmm… how romantic.. And That Special Someone To Enjoy the Beauty of Rains.. To get drenched in muddy water.. jumping in the puddles.. to sing a song.. Doing Romantic duet with Lover.. mmm… ROMANCE between them and that sound of silence between lovers only sound of rains.. that meeting of the Soul.. soothes mind and soul.. witnesses the beautiful romantic rains, the greenery.. the mystic flowers.. that nature’s blanket.. that shyness between the two.. and nothing else.. just enjoying in the Beauty Of Nature.. Rains..!!!💦
Happiness Is.. Listening to the Sound Of Raindrops💦 On the Tin Roofs…….💦

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Live.. Laugh.. Love.. : (Daily Prompt : Seriousness




I believe in seriousness in Love, sometimes some people play with love by when the time comes and they realize tht they want to get serious love plays with them. But being too serious in relationship sounds boring. Love should be open hearted, silly, with whom we can laugh and share weird sense of humor freely with each other.
Same as Life isn’t as serious as the mind makes out to be. Laugh at life , bcoz life laughs at us each time when u take it seriously. we are growing serious that’s the next step to being dull.

So funda for good Life is to Laugh Love and Live Longer..

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Self Awareness Is Self Confidence.(Daily Prompt Aware

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Self Awareness :
The word Aware means to Be Alert. Awareness are of many kinds like Self Awareness, Thought Awareness and so on.. In this article I am talking about Self Awareness.
In today’s World Everyone should be aware of their surroundings, people in their life etc.. Bcoz there are people in our life who encourage you to do things till they know u can’t do. But when u start doing things better than them they will become stranger to u. Therefore, Watchout for people who are with You and act accordingly.
Recognise Your Worth.. Believe In Yourself and Be Successful In Life.

Lush Life.. (Daily Prompt : Lush)


Lush Has Many Meanings.. For some people Lush means Gorgeous, Some people consider it as a Style. But For Me Lush means Living in the Arms of Lush Nature.. Wandering in Lush Nature.. Singing in the Lush Nature.. Dancing in the Lush Rainy Weather.. Just Being Me in My Lush Life in Lush Greenery..

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