…Nothing Is More Soothing Than the Sound Of Raindrops..πŸ’¦ : (Daily Prompt: Sound)


Listen To The Sound Of Rain..
I Love Listening To The Sound Of Raindrops.. I LOVE Rains.. During Monsoon.. Each And Everything Becomes Beautiful.. Nature Becomes Romantic.. Romantic Weather.. Romantic Atmosphere.. Romantic Partner.. Romantic Surroundings..
I Love the sound of rains falling on My Windowpane.. that melodious sound that each raindrops make.. when they hit My Windowpane..
A Warm Cup Of Coffee.. That Laziness To Get Out Of the Bed.. A Romantic Movie.. One blanket shared by two.. Caressing.. And Cuddling.. inside.. mmm… how romantic.. And That Special Someone To Enjoy the Beauty of Rains.. To get drenched in muddy water.. jumping in the puddles.. to sing a song.. Doing Romantic duet with Lover.. mmm… ROMANCE between them and that sound of silence between lovers only sound of rains.. that meeting of the Soul.. soothes mind and soul.. witnesses the beautiful romantic rains, the greenery.. the mystic flowers.. that nature’s blanket.. that shyness between the two.. and nothing else.. just enjoying in the Beauty Of Nature.. Rains..!!!πŸ’¦
Happiness Is.. Listening to the Sound Of RaindropsπŸ’¦ On the Tin Roofs…….πŸ’¦

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