Faith verses Doubt: Daily Prompt: Doubt



Once doubt and faith bumped into each other, Faith was calm but doubt showed attitude both were having conversation regarding their followers,
Doubt (with cunning a smile) : I have more followers than u I conquer then why are u here.
Faith: just smiled.
Doubt: I see obstacle bt still I conquer.
Faith: just smiled.
doubt: I see darkest side bt still I conquer.
Faith: Once again just smiled
doubt: u are just smiling don’t u hv any answer tell me who believes u
Faith : ‘I’
When I enter ones mind u take exit and I Conquer.Β I am Everywhere, where there is hope I’m there, when one has to find answer I’m there.
Only difference is u exist in negative side and I exist in positive side.
In this way Faith Conquers Doubt.

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