Desire To Know Yourself: (Daily Prompt: Desire).

Desire is the root cause of every achievement. Desire are of many kinds, Desire of Invention, Desire for Material things, Desire for Self Growth, etc..
Desire to become a Human Being is the Greatest Desire of all. One must desire to posses good character, “most people are other people” their thoughts are other peoples opinion.

Labeling other people don’t make u good human. Instead, look within and know urself and try to become Good Human. One must desire to know themselves who are they from within. What is ur purpose as a human.

Help the ones who need ur help. Be generous and Kind to do what u can do for them. Trust and Respect Each Other. Keep Mankind above the Material things.
One should rise above little things andย  Be who u are suppose to be.. A Good Human.
Kindness, Generousity, Helping Nature makes you a Human Being. But in todays world people forget ur kindness and remember one mistake u made to them.

Message To All:ย Rise Above Little Things. Strive To Become A Good Human.

via Daily Prompt: Desire


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